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Shop Update (7/6/21)


May thru August 2021 Newsletter and Class Schedule: Click Here 

COVID-19 Update
Given the latest updates to the State and County guidelines we have updated our mask policy. While shopping in our store you are required to wear a mask only if you are not vaccinated. Otherwise a mask is not required. We continue to regularly clean and sanitize our surfaces to help reduce any chance of infection. 

New Block of the Month ~ Fall 2021 Start
You may have seen pictures of this quilt on Social Media. Many of you are already familiar with the Deb Tucker tools and will be thrilled to see them put to use in this great new design.

This is the first BOM pattern that the Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design has put together and it's just beautiful. This queen size quilt measures 98” x 98” and uses a variety of Studio 180 Design tools including Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star, Corner Beam ,Square Squared, Wing Clipper I, and Tucker Trimmer III. The fabric featured is Island Batik’s Bellingham Bay line.

Here are a few more detailed pictures from the quilt -

We've taken pictures of the actual fabrics used in this line so you can really see how beautiful they are. For a limited time you can see the fabric swatches in-person at the store.

We reviewed the fabric amounts and they are about 18.5 yards in the kit. This should be included with an estimated cost to be about $250 to $275 plus the cost of the pattern at $32.50.  This does not include the cost of tools or the backing. However many of you already own some or most of the rulers. For those of you that do not, they are introduced over the course of the project, so you do not need to purchase them at the start of the project.  We hope to start the quilt this fall, as soon as the fabric arrives.  Also, we have the fabric samples in the shop over the next 2 weeks, so please come in and take a look, they are beautiful in person!!

We are currently taking $50.00 deposits on this BOM, whether you choose to do it as a 12-month program or as a kit (you can decide later).

As a bonus, our Deb Tucker instructor, Lauren Bauman, will be offering monthly classes to show you how to use these tools and ensure your quilt comes together perfectly!

Click here and secure your spot today. We will be taking reservations thru July 16th.

Into The Stars Mystery Quilt

Thanks to many of you who have jumped into this fun new program. We are so excited to see all the different color choices made by each of you. We encourage you to work on this quilt each month so you can be ready to participate in a Show and Tell session early next year!

For those that have already purchased Part 1, or if you just want to see what it's about, we have already posted a video explaining how to use our recommended rulers in helping you make this quilt piece easier and more accurately. Remember that is some cases you must alter the cutting in order to use the ruler so be sure to watch the video before you cut.

Videos will be posted on our YouTube channel each month with a short-cut link on our website homepage available to you at any time. Click here to watch the first video now.

If you have never participated in a Mystery Quilt, this is a great opportunity to do so. It's so much fun. This mystery is a 6-part series and was designed by Cotton & Chocolate's own Lisa Shepherd who has been designing our monthly Pattern Party patterns for several years now. If you have done them before, then you know how much fun they are.

Yes you are taking a chance on making a quilt without knowing how it will look until you are almost done, but that is part of the excitement. We can give you guidance on selecting the 4 fabrics so you will have confidence they work together in this quilt. We've even given you a small clue in the name of the quilt (but it's still a mystery). Now you just need to take that leap of faith and know you will probably love it when you are done.

How does it work?

You can pick up your instructions anytime during the month starting on 1st of each month for just $2.00 plus tax. Month 1 is already available and Month 2 comes out in a few days. As we progress, previous instructions will also be available for $2.00 each. It's not too late to get started! For your convenience we are also selling the entire pattern at once for $12.00, but you will still need to pick-up (or have emailed) each part as they become available.

You cannot pick up instructions early for any upcoming month. We will also be making the patterns available for online purchase each month. Optionally, you can purchase all six at once. If you purchase online, you will be emailed an Adobe PDF file that you can use either on your computer or for printing. Per the copyright, you are not allowed to share the pattern with others.

You will also receive a coupon in your first month’s envelope good for 15% off your fabric purchases for the quilt. The 6th month envelope will also include a 15% off coupon for borders, binding and backing for this quilt. If you are shopping for your fabric online, use coupon code “Mystery” at check-out.

Each part will have some cutting and piecing instructions.  Construction of this quilt requires basic rotary cutting and machine piecing skills. We do recommend the use of some rulers and will provide guidance to help you with them. If need help selecting fabrics, just ask any of our knowledgeable staff.

Still unsure? How about some help with the cutting and piecing? We will be posting videos on our YouTube channel to help you with your cutting and piecing, especially when it comes to using the recommended tools including the Wing Clipper, Folder Corner Clipper, Bloc Loc and Magic Wand.

So come into the shop and get started. To order the entire pattern online, click here. And keep watching our videos on the Cotton & Chocolate YouTube channel, cottonandchocolate

Sewing Center Available for Rent

If you have been to our new location you know we have a large sewing center located in the rear of our store. This space is available for rent either by the hour or for an entire weekend (Friday-Sunday) depending upon availability. The space be utilized outside of normal store hours. For more information and to make a reservation, please contact Marilyn or Jerry either through the store or by email at

Youtube Video Links
Folded Corner Clipper 
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What's new?
Are you subscribed to the Cotton & Chocolate YouTube Channel? If not, follow this link and then subscribe to our channel!

Want more? We also posted two technique videos on two of Marilyn's favorite tools, the Folded Corner Clipper and the Bloc Loc Half Square Triangle Ruler. These are worth watching over and over again so you really know how to use them!

Covid-19 Status
At Cotton & Chocolate we are aware of the latest restrictions in Southern California. We are now open with at full capacity. We continue to sanitize our store each day and require masks for entry. We do appreciate your business, whether in-store or on-line. If desired, we do offer private shopping time by appointment and curbside pick-ups. Please call the store if you need more information at 805-371-3042.

Our new store location (380 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd in Thousand Oaks) is fantastic and we are really excited to share it with you. Click on the picture below to take a virtual tour.

What will you find inside? Lots of great new fabrics, notions, and fun new goodies just waiting for you!!!  We hope you love our new home as much as we do and we really look forward to seeing you soon.
As a note, if you cannot make it during our regular store hours or would like to visit without anyone else in the store, we can make arrangements for private shopping hours based on our staff availability. Please call the shop.  Our new phone number is 805-371-3042. 

Regular Hours
Sundays 12:00 - 4:00 PM
Mondays - CLOSED
Tuesdays-Saturdays 12:00 - 5:00 PM
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English Paper Piecing using the Glue Baste Method
English Paper Piecing by Machine
Folded Corner Clipper 
Bloc Loc Half Square Triangle Ruler

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